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Necklace Peace

Stylish boho natural necklace with wooden beads. "Peace" symbols and a decorative pompom. Natural color.

Price CHF59.00

Necklace Tiger eye stone

Silver necklace with 7 flowers in semi-precious-stone Tiger Eye. This stone fights against depression and makes optimistic. Promotes the creation and reduces the fears.

Price CHF69.00

Necklace Malachite

Golden necklace with 7 flowers in semi-precious stone Malachite. This stone amplifies the positive energies and purifies the chakras. Ideal for meditation.

Price CHF69.00

Necklace Red Jasper

Golden necklace with 7 flowers in semi-precious stone red jasper. This stone is supposed to promote vitality and regularize the blood circulation as well as feminin hormones.

Price CHF69.00

Necklace butterfly malachite

Golden necklace in stainless steel with a butterfly in semi precious stone malachite. The virtue of this stone is to regularize the balance of chakras and promote the positive energies; ideal to accompany the meditation.

Price CHF49.00